The Road to Obligation and Responsibility: Getting My Brokers License

I’m doing it. I’m adding Real Estate Broker to my resume. And with this new chapter beginning I want to clear up some confusion about what a Real Estate Broker really is and also share a little bit about what this new title will mean for you.

First, let’s lay out the different titles of Real Estate Agent, Realtor, and Real Estate Broker. In short, there is a hierarchy. A Real Estate Agent is one of the worker bees, licensed at the most basic level, assisting you in the real estate process. A Realtor is a step up, having become a member of the National Association of Realtors, a real estate agent has to agree to abide by the association’s standards and uphold its code of ethics. At the top of this hierarchy is the Broker. Having continued their education far pass the Real Estate Agent level, a Broker has passed a licensing exam and put in hundreds of hours of experience. Once an agent reaches the Broker level, they can work as an independent agent or even hire others to work for them.

With this higher level of status comes a greater standard of excellence. As I step into this new role I will be challenged to be an example to my peers and give my clients a new level of knowledge and experience— A challenge I am excited to take on and continually live up to.

This opportunity is a gateway to a new level of service for my clients and success for my career and I am excited to share the journey with you!