Proving Waco is a Wonderland, Once Again: Union Hall

Have you heard about this brick-and-mortar version of an open-aired European market coming to Waco?

This concept isn’t new, but it is really cool! Recently while traveling in California for business, I stopped for the night in Los Angeles. There I discovered Grand Central Market. This market has been a downtown landmark since 1917, and brings together the cuisines and cultures of LA. From crazy concepts like Eggslut, where it’s all about eggs; to PBJ.LA the gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich restaurant; to dessert from McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream – which may or may not be the best ice cream I have ever had.

Waco’s version of LA’s Grand Central Market, branded as Union Hall , will house 27 eateries, provide a more cost effective way for small food startups to do business and be a great venue for a date night! So Waco, I need your input. What kind of eateries do you want to see at Union Hall? Comment below!

Exciting concepts like Union Hall is proving once again that Waco really is a wonderland.