Don’t Drink and…. Sell?

As the ol’ saying goes; Real Estate has it’s ups and downs. And that is exactly what makes it addicting, so I guess you could say I am a real estate junkie. As a real estate agent you must be able to ride the high of getting a deal going and then stay composed if that deal falls apart— There’s no time to crash and burn, here.

The market changes quickly and you can go from landing several new clients and getting a deal under contract to not even knowing when your next deal will land. Even when the market treats you right, the odd addiction to the fast-pace world of real estate can leave you feeling low, almost like a withdraw, after a deal closes.

I try to combat the roller coaster of highs and lows by making sure I always have a goal that is slightly out of reach. I have found that by encouraging myself to reach for new levels of success, I force myself to focus on what I have in my deal pipeline and on future endeavors than the actual goal itself. So even though real estate will always have its ups and downs, my path to success doesn’t have to— and yours doesn’t either. What ways do you cope with the stress of the job?