Welcome to my site! I’m glad you’re here.

Hi, I’m Hunter Harrell. I am a real estate agent and entrepreneur based out of Waco, Texas. Right now, you’re probably either excitedly thinking ‘Oh do you know Chip and JoJo?!’ or wondering where Waco is. The answer to the first question is ‘yes’ and the answer to the second question is ‘one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation’. Surprised? Let me tell you about Waco.

Waco is located right in the middle of Texas. Around here we call it ‘The Heart of Texas’, both for geographic locale and figurative reasons. Our big small town is an about hour south of Dallas and an hour north of Austin on Interstate 35. Millions of people drive on I-35 in Waco each month. Despite the national recession ten years ago, Waco has continued to thrive and grow. Our downtown is a vibrant, evolving area with numerous small and large developments across many industries and types. It is also the home of the Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market and Silos which draws a significant number of tourists everyday. Baylor University, a nationally ranked university with many highly sought after programs and powerhouse athletics, sits right on I-35 at the Brazos River.

There’s so much more that’s great about Waco than I could ever talk about here—natural beauty, parks, historic buildings, lake activities, dining, shopping, great schools, neighborhoods, events, art, music, nightlife and on and on. But, most of all, it’s the people. Waco is a community in every sense of the word. It’s small town feel is what draws people here and keeps residents from leaving. It’s big enough to have everything you need and most of what you want, but still feels close and tight-knit. And, there are always two metro areas just a short drive away.

All of this factors into why Waco was #2 on the list of most searched cities for real estate in 2016. That’s right. Out of everywhere in the United States, people looked for homes and commercial properties in Waco more than anywhere else in the nation (other than our one hour away neighbor Dallas).

And it’s why I have called Waco home throughout my life. I grew up here, left briefly and came back. People sometimes ask me, “When did you get started in the real estate business?” My response is, “well I’ve been licensed since I turned 18, but real estate has been in my blood since before I was born. I have fond memories of helping my dad on the weekends when I was young. He taught me how to dig in and get things done which was something instilled in me from very early on in life. I “officially” started working in the family business (HARRELL Real Estate Services) during college with my Dad gaining valuable experience in residential and commercial sales and leasing. I am Director of Business Development & Acquisitions there now having earned my chops in real estate. You may have seen me on an episode of House Hunters on HGTV recently. I was honored to be selected for the show, and was happy to help my client find their dream home.

Now, I want to give back and help you make fantastic real estate decisions. By sharing my experience, insights and knowledge of the commercial and residential markets, I hope you are able to land your dream home or perfect spot for your business. I’m here to help you. So, send me your questions, share your thoughts on real estate trends, submit a topic for my blog or ask me about a property you are considering. Let’s talk real estate.

Thanks for visiting and come back often. Hope to see you in Waco!